2016-2017 Board of Directors

Matthew McLaughlin
Phone: (402) 301-8729
Email: matthew.mclaughlin@hdrinc.com

Past President 
Tom Hein
Kansas Department of Transportation
Phone: (316) 660-4990
Email: tom.hein@ks.gov

Vice President - President Elect 
Randy Johnson
KC Scout/Missouri DOT
Phone: (816) 347-2200
Email: randy.johnson@modot.mo.gov

Lee Baer
Affinis Corporation
Phone: (913) 239-1100
Email: lbaer@affinis.us

Matthew Volz
Phone: (816) 412-1290
Email: matthew.volz@hdrinc.com

Consultant Sector Director #1 
Slade Engstrom
Phone: (316) 303-3014

Consultant Sector Director #2 
Kim Taylor
Wireless Technology Group (WTI)
Phone: (866) 468-6984
Email: kimberly@wirelesstech.com

Academic Sector Director #1 
Henry Brown
University of Missouri
Phone: (573) 882-0832
Email: brownhen@missouri.edu

Academic Sector Director #2 
Ronald Barnes
The University of Oklahoma
Phone: (405) 325-1879
Email: ron@ou.edu


Iowa State Director
Tim Simodynes
Iowa Department of Transportation
Phone: (515) 239-1606
Email: tim.simodynes@dot.iowa.gov

Kansas State Director
Joe Finley
Kansas Department of Transportation
Phone: (620) 276-3241
Email: joe.finley@ks.gov

Missouri State Director
Alexander Wassman
Missouri Department of Transporation
Phone: (573) 526-2200
Email: alexander.wassman@modot.mo.gov

Nebraska State Director
Jessica Sherwood
Nebraska Department of Roads
Phone: (402) 479-3875
Email: jessica.sherwood@nebraska.gov

Oklahoma State Director
Alan Stevenson
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Phone: (405) 521-6460
Email: astevenson@odot.org

Vendor Sector Director 
Jamie Gilbert
GBA Systems Integrators
Phone: (913) 577-8353
Email: jgilbert@gbasi.com

Communications Director
Zach Hanson
SRF Consulting
Phone: (763) 452-4816
Email: zhanson@srfconsulting.com

2016-2017 Ex-Officio Board Members

Ex-Officio FHWA Representatives
David Mraz
Federal Highway Administration - Nebraska
Phone: (402) 742-8472
Email: david.mraz@dot.gov

Ex-Officio Chapter Administrator
Amy Lucke
Meetings Northwest, LLC
Phone: (866) 633-8110
Email: alucke@meetingsnorthwest.com

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