2017 Annual Meeting


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Opening Session

Keynote Address - Patrick Son, National Operations Center of Excellence
A Message from ITS America - Steven Bayless, ITS America

Opening Session

Iowa State Update - Tim Simodynes, Iowa DOT
Missouri State Update - Randy Johnson, Missouri DOT
Oklahoma State Update - Alan Stevenson, Oklahoma DOT
Nebraska State Update - Austin Yates, Nebraska DOR

Session 1

MAASTO TPIMS - Multiple Pathways to Success for Multi-State Collaboration - Davonna Moore, KDOT and Chuck Miller, HNTB

Pilot Study: A Real-time Truck Parking Availability System for Kansas - Ted Morris, University of Minnesota and Vassilios Morellas, University of Minnesota

Recent CARS Developments from the Heartland to the Headland - Kristin Virshbo, Castle Rock Associates

Kansas City ICM "Light" Strategy - Jennifer Russell, Garver and Ray Webb, Operation Green Light/MARC

Session 1A

A Transportation Data Story - Nikola Ivanov, UMD CATT Lab

Session 2

Kansas City Scout Copper Theft Prevention Technologies - Gary Covey, KC Scout

ITS Network Documentation and Asset Management Best Practices - Matthew McLaughlin, HDR and Ryan Klug, Olsson Associates

"MOMS" Know Best...Asset Management for ITS - Lindsay Harris, Kansas City Scout

Session 2A

Work Zone Performance Monitoring Application - Nikola Ivanov, UMD CATT Lab

Model Systems Engineering for Integrating Arrow Boards with Traveler Information - Dean Deeter, Athey Creek Consultants

The Swiss Army Knife of Intelligent Work Zones - F. Todd Foster, Ver-Mac, Inc.

Session 3

The Making of a Smart City - The Columbus, Ohio Experience and Beyond - Eric Plapper, HDR

Smart Pavement Pilot Project in Kansas City - Tim Sylvester, Integrated Roadways

The What Works Cities Bloomberg Grant Initiative - ITS Heartland Cities and their Experiences - Sarah Doherty, City of Olathe and Michael Mayta, City of Wichita

Session 3A

Traffic & The Cloud | Advances in Traffic Management Systems using Cloud Hosting - Chris Bax, Cubic Transporation Systems

The Development of Wichita's Traffic Management Network - Zach Hanson, SRF Consulting Group; Tom Hein, Kansas DOT; Brian Sovik, Data Transfer Solutions

Adaptive Signal Control - Jim Dickinson, City of West Des Moines, Iowa

Opening Session

Closing Session - John Corbin, Federal Highway Administration

2017 Best of ITS Awards

ITS Heartland "BEST OF ITS" Awards

Congratulations to Kansas Department of Transportation - winner of the ITS Heartland "Best of ITS Project Award."

Congratulations to Rusty James - winner of the ITS Heartland "President's Award."

2017 Student Competition

ITS Heartland Student Competition

1st Place - Hemin Mohammad, The University of Kansas

2nd Place - Bobby Cottam, The University of Arkansas

3rd Place - Sean McCartney, Pittsburg State University

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