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FREE for U.S. local, state, regional, metropolitan, and Federal government agencies:
Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE) is now accepting registrations for the following online, BLENDED (instructor-led) courses:

Weather Responsive Traffic Management (WRTM) - (April 4 through June 1, 2014) 0.8CEUs
This course provides information and guidance to transportation system managers and operators to help them effectively manage traffic flow and operations during adverse weather conditions.
Instructor: Deepak Gopalakrishnais, Principal Research Scientist/Program Manager, Battelle

Improving Highway Safety with ITS - (May 2 through June 21, 2014) 1.0 CEUs
This course aims to increase awareness of the benefits to be gained through the deployment of ITS for highway safety applications. Throughout the course, a series of “hands on” activities leads participants from identification and prioritization of highway safety priority areas to formulation of organization- and individual-level actions to mitigate the challenges at hand.
Instructor: Cheryl Lowrance, Principal Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer, Noblis

All course materials are on-line but students have access to course instructors through pre-scheduled conference calls. Cost is $250 each; FREE for U.S. local, state, regional, metropolitan, and Federal government agencies! - use sponsor code PCB when you register. If you are interested in taking any CITE course, please register @ For more information, contact Denise Twisdale (301-405-6323) or Kathy Frankle (410-414-2925).

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